As a 20-something living in New York City trying to find my way, ACN could not have come into my life at a better time. In one weekend, I completely transformed the way I think about myself as an artist. The most useful part of the ACN framework is that it is designed for you to get past the stories we tell ourselves about the barriers in our lives -- to figure out the basis of what we really WANT -- and then to move towards that in a structured way. Many organizations emphasize listening to and trusting your own voice, but this is the first model where I've felt I actually now have the tools to do so.

Vickie Alvarez, Screenwriter

New York Artist Conference


I have taken years of personal development courses from many different well known organizations and the coaching at the ACN weekend blew those out of the water!  This is more than just a structure to keep on track with art making goals; this is a framework for realizing who you truly are as an expression in the world and removing any blocks you have to expressing that loudly to the universe through whatever art medium you choose!

Molly Wheeler, Painter

Oakland Conference

I have been a group facilitator and corporate trainer for many years. I don't lavish praise easily. But I was swept off my feet by the ACN training. I joined the ACN at the suggestion of a friend who learned I was working on a book and was struggling with it. The model is brilliant, you use it with subtle sensitivity, and the hearts of group members are wide open and welcoming. I have a new vision and a happier relationship to my writing. I have renewed energy, motivation and, best of all, a community of support. I feel blessed to be a part of ACN.

Leah Fisher, Writer

Oakland Conference

The founder of ACN, Beverly Cassell, said it best, "The Artist Conference Network is a kind of miracle space for gifted fools”. 

My sixteen years with ACN have been invaluable. I founded two galleries, exhibited and sold my artists books internationally and am part of projects that feed my soul. We support each other through various artistic breakdowns and cheer each other’s victories. We also have a lot of fun!

Cathy DeForest, Book Artist, Printmaker, Educator

Ashland Conference

That was an awesome weekend! I enjoyed the support and the process where we were able to invent a new inspiring future as artists.

Chris Henry, Artist

Santa Rosa Conference

The Artist Conference coaching for creativity has grown my artistic work and life into areas I would have never dared to dream to go without the coaching and the end of working in isolation. The structure creates a field of creative possibility where other artists cheer me on towards fulfillment of my highest potential and trust me to be the authority for my own life and work.

Marianne Connor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Teacher

Los Angeles Conference

ACN has given me the language to express my creative journey and to connect with others on theirs. As one of the leaders of the Atlanta ACN group, I have been learning so much about what CREATIVE LEADERSHIP is. I am calling it MENTORING...and it is CHALLENGING!

Ruth Schowalter, Painter, Writer

Atlanta Conference

Beverly, your light has inspired so many artists. I treasure my time with ACN. 

Peter Gibb

Ashland Conference

When I lead a meeting, I come out a different person, because I have been being a different person as I am engaged in being a leader.  New skills at coaching show up and a new way of being with others comes out of me naturally when I step into leadership. 

It helps my life greatly to have ACN and the growth available through this leadership process (as well as the marvelous coaching distinctions of ACN).

Cheryl Ulrich, Video and Improvisational Movement and Voice Artist

Santa Rosa Conference

I love the coaching questions in ACN, because they guide all levels of my artistic experience. First, I'm coached on the practical level of the unfolding of my artistic intentions as well as any breakdown in my intentions.  If breakdown occurs in my goals, the coaching skillfully and gracefully guides me into a breakthrough.  The coaching questions then guide me out of the linear mind and into where I see who I am in the most profound and empowered sense. Essentially, the coaching process of ACN offers a full recharge and healing.

Molliegrace, Artist

Mt. Shasta Conference