Beverly Cassell

Our beloved founder and teacher, Beverly Cassell who passed away on June 10, 2012 is shown here as we most often saw her -smiling and enjoying the company of fellow creative beings like herself.

We will always miss her presence in our lives and are committed to keeping the conference alive and well for future members.  

The Artist Conference Network Board of Trustees

Kristen Anacker, Jean Anderson, Donna Keegan, Lynne Prather and Marianne Connor


About the Artist  Conference Network


Beverly Cassell founded the Artist Conference Network in 1983, after leaving her teaching post at the University of California Santa Cruz, where she gained a reputation as a master teacher, known for being able to teach anyone to draw. Her paintings are exhibited in galleries and museums internationally.

– ACN Founder Beverly Cassell, MFA, Painter

What is ACN "Coaching?"

"Coaching" in Artist Conference Network is a way of interacting with another person that leaves one empowered to be in action. The coaching is profound, rigorous, noncompetitive, nonjudgmental, inspiring, action-oriented, raucous, fun, and effective.

The Purpose of the Artist Conference Network Coaching is to cause, accelerate, and sustain breakthroughs — and to access mastery in the work, careers, and lives of people doing creative work.

In the Artist Conference Network community each person is honored as the sole authority of his/her work. The coaching practices provide a safe, supportive environment for the empowerment of that authority.


The Promise of the Artist Conference Network

 We guarantee that practicing these coaching techniques results in breakthroughs in focus, momentum, and empowerment in your creative work.